Admin Day

Admin Day

2024 Apr 2nd

Wednesday, April 24th marks a special day in the corporate world. It honors the positions of those important people behind the scenes who ensure that all of the details are handled with care. It is a day that acknowledges Administrative Professionals. This special day was created in 1955 to celebrate and show recognition of administrative and executive secretaries for their hard work in the field.

Celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day with Baskits! Don't forget to thank them for the effort they put in throughout the entire year. Say "Thank you" to the office's administrative staff with a gift basket or gift box. Companies, managers, and employees present gifts to their administrative personnel on this particular corporate holiday. You may choose from a wide selection of Administrative Professionals' Day gift baskets at Baskits. You may find the ideal administrative professionals' week gift box here, whether you are looking for 1 gift or 50+ gifts. Excellent ideas for administrative professionals' day gift baskets, whether for secretaries, assistants, or both.

Benefits of gifting for Admin Day

Admin Day or better yet Admin Week is a time to highlight the importance and value of loyal Administrative staff and the key role they play in keeping the organization functioning efficiently.

Providing Admin Day gifts is a thoughtful and strategic way for corporations to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Here are several ways companies and corporations can benefit from giving gifts to Administrative Professionals:

  1. Boost Morale and Motivation:
  2. Gifts serve as a tangible acknowledgment of the value and contributions of Administrative Professionals. This recognition can boost morale, increase job satisfaction, and motivate employees to continue performing at their best.
  3. Enhance Employee Engagement:
  4. Recognizing Administrative Professionals with gifts fosters a positive work environment and strengthens the bond between employees and the company. Engaged employees are more likely to be committed to their work and contribute positively to the organization.
  5. Improve Retention Rates:
  6. Employee retention is crucial for business continuity and growth. By expressing gratitude through gifts, companies can create a sense of loyalty among Administrative Professionals, making them more likely to stay with the organization rather than seeking opportunities elsewhere.

In summary, giving gifts to Administrative Professionals is a strategic investment that can have a range of positive effects on employee morale, engagement, and overall company culture. It is a simple yet effective way for companies to express gratitude and foster a positive workplace environment.

Choosing the Right Administrative Day Gift

Choosing the right gift for your administrative professionals can be quite difficult. Whether you’re a small business with one secretary or a large corporation with several receptionists, a thoughtful gift will serve as a reminder that they are valued at your company. Some great business gifts for your assistant include desk accessories or spa gifts to unwind with a personalized logo card or your company's logo ribbon to add a personal touch to your gift.

If you’re on the receiving end, start brainstorming boss day gifts to show your appreciation for your boss! They are kind and fair throughout the year and keep the company running smoothly on a daily basis, so make sure they feel valued by their employees as well. Regardless of the occasion, Baskits is proud to offer hundreds of gift ideas and personalized options for those in your life who deserve to be thanked and celebrated.


Show how grateful you are for the administrative and executive assistants by sending them a gift basket filled with high quality treats and keepsakes. Baskits offers a wide variety of gifts for Administrative Professionals' Day, corporate gifting options for administrative professional day and gift baskets for administrative assistants.

If you are looking for Administrative Assistant gift ideas, you have come to the right place! From our gift collection, you'll find the best gifts that are perfect from showing your appreciation for that that your Admin does. From Spa gifts to gifts of decadent chocolates, there is something for every taste and we will have your gift delivered right to their work space.

Gift one of our gourmet gift baskets for Administrative Professionals' Day, to enjoy delicious snacks and goodies in the office.

My Moment: Celebrate Admin Day with our My Moment gift box! Give them a moment to themselves after all their hard work. Enjoy a cup of delicious tea with the a side of mouth watering Mary Macleod's shortbread cookies.

Tea gift for Admin Day

Champlain S: This wonderful gift basket is filled with a mix of premium goodies and something for everyone! Champlain S is perfect for sharing among colleagues for Administrative Professionals' Day!

Gourmet gift basket for Admin Day

Art of Chocolate: This Art of Chocolate makes a fantastic gift for Administrative Professionals' Day. Some of the best Canadian chocolatiers are included in this sleek gift box. Finish the gift off with your company's logo ribbon or logo belly band to make this corporate gift box more personal.

Chocolate gift for Admin Day

Richmond: Business connections and administrative professionals alike will love this array of delicious and shareable gourmet treats. This is a great Professional gifts for men.

Gourmet gift for Admin Day

Looking to customize a gift basket with a company logo? We offer customization options such as customized logo ribbon, logo belly band, logo branded cards or other additional items that perfectly reflect your brand.

Say "thank you" to the admins for all their hard work with a self-care gift from Baskits!

#Boss - For that admin that deserves a little extra for their hard work helping out the big Boss! #Boss includes a stylish mug for your morning brew, a notepad and pencil to capture your moments of inspiration, delicious snacks and more. A great gift for the professional woman.

Admin Day gift for women

Belle Spa - Belle Spa is a thoughtful collection of elegant spa gifts dedicated to some well-deserved relaxation time. Featuring the very best, Baskits' very own Express & Co Orange & Ylang Candle, a wooden soap dish, Só Luxury Blush Soak and more, this Administrative Assistant gift basket is sure to have you feeling relaxed and pampered. Perfect to say thank you to the administrative assistants!

Spa gift for Admin Day

Spa Essentials: This beautiful Spa Essentials gift box is filled with quality self-care products that will have administrative professionals relaxed from head to toe. Enjoy a luxurious foot scrub, while sporting a cucumber face mask after a luxurious bath with our Empress & Co. bath bombs.

Spa gift for Admin Day

Gift Faux Florals for their desk in the office! Our collection of faux flowers are maintenance free and last all year long!

Rosa: With its colors of gold and apricot, this stand-alone stunner is the perfect addition to any space and makes a thoughtful gift for Admin Day.

Faux Flower for Admin Day

Grace: This stunning single-stem white Phalaenopsis Orchid in full bloom is a vision of pure elegance. Your Administrative Professional can enjoy the permanent beauty of an orchid without the high maintenance

Faux Orchids for Admin Day

Audrey: With two colossal, white Tamora roses in dual stages of bloom. arranged in a classic mirrored vase, this stunning arrangement makes a great Admin Day gift.

Faux roses arrangement

Corporate Gifting Program for Admin Day

Gifts for Administrative Professionals are important, but it's easy to forget about them in the hectic and competitive corporate environment of today. Nonetheless, studies indicate that appreciating the work of your team improves employee retention rates, productivity, and job happiness. Selecting nice gifts for your Administrative Professionals is one of the best ways to show your appreciation.

At Baskits, our goal is to make corporate gifting as easy and seamless as possible. Our dedicated large order gift specialists will manage every aspect – from recipient gift lists and shipping dates, to Semi-Custom Options or Fully Custom Designs, order placement, tracking and delivery. Whether you are looking to create a fully custom gift or would like to add your own branding on our Ready to Ship gifts, our corporate specialists are ready to assist.

Personalized Gifts for Assistants Day

Formerly known as Secretary’s Day, this Administrative Assistant Day is all about showing your admins 'thanks' for their contributions to the office. They somehow know the answers to all of your questions and can find any file or paper that has traveled through your doors. Administrative assistants deserve only the best for making life easier for everyone in the office. Creating a personalized gift for your assistants will surely go a long way. Our gifts for administrative assistants can all be personalized. We have gifts that can match the personality of anyone in your office!

Visit from the perfect way to say "thank you" for all that you do.