What to include in a holiday gift basket?

What to include in a holiday gift basket?

2022 Nov 16th

One of the most useful tools you may have during the holidays is a holiday gift guide. We are here to help you decide the perfect items to include in your holiday gift baskets! From gourmet treats to share with friends or family to keepsake items such as candles and cutting boards, we have everything you need to create the best holiday gift basket and holiday gift box.

Whether you are looking for a sweet holiday gift basket filled with cookies and chocolates or looking for a savoury holiday gift with premium goodies such as brie cheese and artisanal salami, we have got you covered! We've done the legwork and chosen the best holiday gift baskets for you.

Premium Gourmet Treats to Share

Dabble & Drizzle Belgian Drinking Chocolate Gift Basket (WS21)

Belgian Hot Chocolate: Featuring our very own Dabble & Drizzle premium drinking chocolate, this premium beverage is a perfect addition to add in your holiday gift for the chocolate lovers in your life! The perfect drink to enjoy on those cold December nights.

Dabble & Drizzle Coconut Truffles (14pc) Gift Basket (60583)         Dabble & Drizzle Dark Truffles (14pc) Gift Basket (60584)

Chocolate Truffles: Indulge in decadent coconut, dark chocolate, or caramel chocolate truffles! Our premium Dabble & Drizzle truffles melt in your mouth and treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, this holiday season.

Crackle & Pop Crackers (190g) Gift Basket (WS07)

Crackle & Pop Crackers: Our Lightly Salted Crackers are the perfect addition to your Wine & Cheese Nights and make treats for holiday gifts.
Keepsake Gift Ideas

Empress & Co. Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Acacia Wood Cutting Board: Artisanal cheeses never looked better than displayed on our oval cutting board made with Acacia Wood. Elevate your holiday gift basket with our Empress & Co. cutting board

Empress & Co. Orange Flower & Ylang Travel Candle Gift Basket (15213)

Scented Candle: Add our Empress & Co. scented candles in your holiday gift box to add a feeling of cozy into your gift! These scents are pleasant and long-lasting, bringing joy to your house and warming your heart.

Empress & Co. 100% Cashmere Socks Gift Basket (CashmereBedSocks)

100% Cashmere Socks: Our 100% cashmere socks, from Empress & Co. are designed to treat your toes after a long day while providing luxurious comfort all winter long.

Our top holiday gifts

Not Too Sweet (Red) (G51022)

Not too Sweet: This sophisticated holiday gift box includes the finest meats, cheese, Maple Smoked Salmon, and more savoury treats. Pair it with a bottle of Lola red or white wine – perfect holiday gift box for those with a taste for the finer things.

Tartan M (H71322)

Tartan M: This classic and festive holiday gift basket includes sweet holiday treats including Milk Chocolate Buttercrunch, Maple Crunch Shortbread and many other gourmet indulgences that are sure to be enjoyed over the holidays.

Eastwood (G80422)

Eastwood: Send this holiday gift basket that is overflowing with sweet and savoury goodies that compliment each other perfectly. Including premium treats such as Milk Chocolate buttercrunch, Dabble & Drizzle Caffe Latte Almonds, Brie Cheese, Hatch coffee and so much more! Add a bottle of wine to elevate this gourmet holiday basket.

Sleigh (H71422)

Sleigh: Our Sleigh Gift Basket is presented in a beautifully hand-crafted wooden sleigh and filled with the most decadent gourmet sweet treats such as shortbread cookies, gingerbread chocolate, decadent truffles and more!

Forest Hill (G72222)

Forest Hill: This elegant gift basket always leaves a warm and welcoming impression! Filled with the finest selections of savoury gourmet treats such as Brie Cheese, Craquelines, Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon, and more that are perfect to enjoy during holiday dinner.

Canterbury M (G70322)

Canterbury M: Elegantly presented in the most beautiful holiday patterned base, Canterbury M showcases delicious treats in black and golds. Send this festive holiday gift basket to send warm wishes this holiday season.

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