Not Too Sweet (Red)

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This sophisticated gift box displays LOLA Cabernet Sauvignon, Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon, Castello Rosenberg Brie Cheese, and many other complimentary savory and sweet treats – perfect for those with a taste for the finer things.
* Delivery available within Ontario only.

Sold Out:
$150 - $300

  • Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc (750 ml)
  • Wooden Box with Lid
  • Crackle & Pop Salted Nut Mix
  • SeaChange Seafoods Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon
  • Kurtzie's Artisanal Handcrafted Salami
  • The Preservatory Fig and Walnut Wine Preserve
  • Brass Spoon
  • Castello Rosenberg Brie Cheese
  • Oval Cutting Board Acacia Wood
  • Les Minettes Craquelins Apricot, Hazelnut and Rosemary

  • SKU - G51021
  • Box Dimensions - 15x15x6 in
  • Weight - 9 lb

  • SeaChange Seafoods
  • The Preservatory
  • Castello
  • Pelee Island
  • Les Minettes