Discover Our Brand: Mimi and Liloo

Discover Our Brand: Mimi and Liloo

2023 Jun 28th

Discover the delicious world of high-quality chocolate and tea brands that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Indulge in luxurious flavors and aromas that will leave you craving for more. Known as the empire of top-quality for chocolate-covered sweets, Mimi & Liloo is also the queen of hot beverages. Was there ever a better combo than tea and sweets?! We have searched across the country for the very best, as that is what our customers deserve!

Mimi and Liloo

Warm up to one of these delicious, and organic flavors:

  1. Berry Blend: a luscious combination of elderberry, currant and hibiscus petals. This will have you dreaming of springtime and sunnier days. You can almost smell the fresh-cut flowers! Enjoy this tea iced during those hot summer days.  

    Berry Tea

  2. Cheeky Chai: sweet, spicy, and full of sass. This bold, organic blend is infused with ginger, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper for a vitamin and mineral-rich medley of flavor. 

    Chait Tea

Each box of tea comes in packs of 6, and can either be purchased separately, or included in any one of our food or spa gift baskets, like Just Tea & MeMe Time and many more. Whether you are a tea lover, or just need a moment of calm, mimi & liloo teas are sure to become your new, go-to drink. And best of all, it can be enjoyed all year-round, hot or cold!

Pair our Mimi and Liloo teas with our indulgent Mimi and Liloo decadent chocolate bars! Choose between four different flavours - Green Tea White Chocolate, Maple Chocolate Crunch, Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice, and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate! You can also find them in our gourmet and spa gifts.

  1. Green Tea White Chocolate: Delectably creamy, our Japanese green tea infused chocolate bar is both savory and sweet. Velvety and rich, our white chocolate is amplified by the bold, unique flavors of authentic matcha green tea. 

  2. Maple Chocolate Crunch: A Canadian twist on a classic! our maple crunch chocolate bar combines the sweet taste of Belgian milk chocolate, alongside crunchy and pure Canadian maple syrup. 

  3. Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice: Calling all chocolate lovers, this snappy childhood favorite is sure to warm your heart. This decadent milk chocolate bar offers a crispy crunch with every bite. 

  4. Sea Salt Milk Chocolate: The perfect balance of coarse-ground sea salt and sweet milk chocolate, sure to satisfy your cravings. Canadian made and ethically sourced, this creamy wonder will leave your taste-buds eager for more. 

Whether you are searching for high quality tea and chocolates on their own or in a gift basket, Baskits has got you covered! Discover the decadent taste and unparalleled quality that make our products stand out. Send a thoughtful tea and chocolate gift to friends, family, clients, or neighbours to celebrate any occasion. Premium selection of tea baskets, made from best possible ingredients. We provide tea basket delivery in Toronto or anywhere in Canada and the USA.