Me Time

Candles, Chocolates, & Everything Spa Self Care Gift Basket

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Indulge in the ultimate ‘Me Time’ with a gift basket that is overflowing with fresh, rejuvenating products and treats, bringing relaxation right at home. This beautifully curated gift basket includes luxurious spa products like Kocostar’s cruelty-free masks, Dot & Lil’s Vegan soap scented with essential oils, and Himalayan bath salts that ensure an invigorating and relaxing at-home spa day. Delight in delicious indulgent treats including Dabble & Drizzle chocolate truffles, Toronto-based artisan chocolatier Laura Slack’s Maldon Salt Chocolate Bar, and Fraktals delectable buttercrunch that will satisfy any sweet tooth cravings. The gift basket comes designed in a keepsake metal planter that can be used for years to come. It’s perfect for birthdays, thank-yous, or simply to show someone you care. Make a great gift for mom, wife, sister, girlfriend, partner or anyone who needs a little time for self-care.

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Candles, Chocolates, & Everything Spa Self Care Gift Basket
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  • Dabble & Drizzle Milk Chocolate Truffles: Savor the luscious goodness of these mouthwatering milk chocolate truffles, a delectable treat perfect for indulging in moments of pure bliss.

  • Dabble & Drizzle Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds: With delicious dark chocolate coating perfectly roasted coconut almonds, an irresistable combination has been crafted by our very own in-house Baskits brand, Dabble & Drizzle.

  • Dot & Lil Rice Flower Soap: Experience a shower filled with pure botanical bliss with this rice flower soap, crafted from perfumed buds for a vegan soap with a gentle cleanse and sweet, fresh scents.

  • Empress & Co. Silver Mohair Candle: Set a relaxing mood with the silver mohair candle that illuminates the room with a soft and cozy flow with a delicate scent.

  • Empress & Co. Lavender Bath Bomb: Transform the bath into a relaxing and tranquil floral paradise with the lavender bath bomb. Each bath bomb is packed with essential oils like coconut oil and shea butters that will moisturize and smooth skin. Made with no harsh ingredients or synthetic fragrances, a soak with one of these bath bombs provides a dreamy spa experience right at home.

  • KOCOSTAR Cucumber Slice Face Mask: Containing 2 sheet masks that transform into 12 individual mask pieces that can be applied to face, neck and arms. 100% cruelty free, containing cucumber extract that is rich in Vitamin A and C to moisturize and calm damaged skin.

  • KOCOSTAR Rose Petal Face Mask: Containing 2 sheet masks that transform into 12 individual mask pieces that can be applied to face, neck and arms. Pamper your skin with the refreshing Kokostar Rose Petal Face Mask., contains 10,000ppm of Western Rose Flower extract, which allows the skin to look lively by providing excellent moisture along with a pore-convergence effect.

  • Mimi and Liloo Cheeky Chai Tea: Mimi and Liloo's 'Cheeky Chai' tea is sweet, spicy, and full of sass! This bold organic blend is infused with ginger, cinnamon, clove and black pepper, for a vitamin and mineral-rich medley of flavor.

  • Laura Slack Maldon Salt Chocolate Bar: Indulge in a divine salty and chocolately treat made with love by a Toronto based artisan chocolatier and pastry chef.

  • Wooden Soap Dish: Keep soap neatly displayed and dry with this elegant wooden soap dish.

  • Foot Stone: Renew your feet with our foot stone, a magical tool that transforms rough skin into silk softness for a truly pampered experience.

  • Ramie Pouf: Embrace the adorable luxury of a fluffy and gentle tool that transforms your bath time into a whimsical experience, lathering you with relaxing bubbles.

  • SO Luxury Blush Soak - Himalayan Pink and Epsom Bath Salts: Experience the rosy embrace of these transformational bath salts that create a blissful pink paradise, leaving you feeling as pampered as ever. This product is also cruelty free, eczema friendly, vegan, no toxins, gluten free, scent free.

  • Wooden Salt Scoop: Sprinkle serenity into your bath with our wooden salt scoop, adding a touch of charm while enhancing your relaxation time.

  • Keepsake Metal Planter: Elevate your "Me Time" with our keepsake metal planter, adding a chic touch that beautifully complements moments of relaxation and self-care.

  • SKU - F30623
  • Box Dimensions - 15x9x15 in
  • Weight - 4.55 lb

  • Dot & Lil
  • Dabble & Drizzle
  • Laura Slack Chocolate
  • Mimi and Liloo
  • Empress & Co.