Top New Home/House Warming Gifts

Top New Home/House Warming Gifts

2022 Aug 29th

The moving process may easily become daunting, whether your loved ones have moved to a new apartment or their first home. However, a thoughtful present can make the transfer easier for the renter or homeowner by reawakening their enthusiasm for the new home or apartment. Celebrate this milestone with some of the best housewarming gifts that are unique and thoughtful! There is something for everyone.

Here are some of our top picks for the Best Housewarming Gifts:

personalized gifts for everyone on your list!

Personalized Bathrobes: Our robes wrap - literally - warmth and luxury into one. The perfect combination, as the days get colder. With a hood, pockets and wraparound belt, this robe is the complete set for comfort. And, to take your gifting one step further, our luxe bathrobes come in sizes for all. The perfect gift for your better half, little ones, or the entire family to get cozy in your brand-new home!

Why Gift Faux Flowers? - Long Lasting Gifts

Faux Flowers: Gift our faux-ever, statement piece, faux flowers. The perfect addition to anyone's kitchen counter, hallway credenza, powder room or at-home office space - because everyone needs some blooming for their new home. And with our large variety of florals, you can match any home aesthetic.

Let's Do Brunch Gift Basket (R77321)

Let’s Do Brunch: But first, breakfast! This morning favourites inspired basket is all about the most important meal of the day. Featuring a Williams Sonoma cookbook, 100% pure Canadian maple syrup, and the most delicious pancake mix around, that are not only perfect for saying welcome home, but will surely fill up their new homes with sweet mornings and breakfast aromas.

Pasta Night Gift Basket (R71521)

Pasta Night: Introducing our Pasta Night gift basket. The perfect way to bring a taste of Italy to their new kitchen table. And, allows for your new homeowner to go one night without needing to hit the grocery store. With an Italian cook book, tongs, and a stainless-steel colander - not only are you gifting their first home cooked meal, but you are also giving them kitchen essentials we all need.

Perfect Night In Gift Basket (R10921)

Perfect Night In: A classy selection of treats and fun for the perfect night in. Featuring caramel popcorn, how did you know that? Trivia, Dillan’s Rose Gin, a cream cable knit blanket and much more, Perfect Night In creates the perfect setting for your first night in your new home. 

Eastwood Gift Basket (G80421)

Eastwood: Help fill their pantry with delicious, gourmet treats found in our Eastwood gift! Overflowing with goodies such as Brie cheese, crackers, Fraktals milk chocolate buttercrunch, Hatch coffee, SeaChange maple glazed salmon, cookies, chips and so much more and wrapped up in a reusable keepsake wooden base that can be used for decoration or storage.

Not Too Sweet (Red) Gift Basket (G51021)  Not Too Sweet (White) Gift Basket (G51121)

Not Too Sweet: Available in Red or White wine, this sophisticated gift box displays a beautiful bottle of wine, Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon, Brie Cheese, Artisanal salami, and a gorgeous acacia cutting board, from Empress & Co, that will make a perfect addition to their new kitchen.

To see our entire collection of new house gift baskets or housewarming gift options, visit us online. For any celebration, let Baskits share in the joy!