Tea Gift Baskets they'll love and you will too!

Tea Gift Baskets they'll love and you will too!

2023 Jan 12th

Happy National Hot Tea Day, to all of our fellow tea-lovers! We know that you are often left behind because coffee-lovers seem to always take priority, but not at Baskits. We recognize that you deserve a day too. And, a brand, at that!

For those of you who are loyal Baskits customers, this won't be news, but to our growing community, we wanted to officially introduce our in-house brand: Mimi and Liloo. Known as the empire of top-quality chocolate-covered sweets, Mimi and Liloo is also the queen of hot beverages. Was there ever a better combo than tea and sweets?!

So when the days are cold, why not warm up to one of these delicious, and organic flavors:

  1. Berry Blend: a luscious combination of elderberry, currant, and hibiscus petals. This will have you dreaming of springtime and sunnier days. You can almost smell the fresh-cut flowers
  2. Cheeky Chai: sweet, spicy, and full of sass. This bold, organic blend is infused with ginger, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper for a vitamin and mineral-rich medley of flavor.

Each box of tea comes in packs of 6, and can either be purchased separately or included in any one of our food or spa gift baskets!

Here are our favourite tea gift baskets and tea gift boxes!

Just Tea & Me (R73422)

Just Tea & Me: Inspire a moment of warmth and relaxation with this beautifully designed tea and treats giftbox. Featuring Mimi and Liloo Cheeky Chai, Just Tea & Me includes tea-time sweets like Café Latte Chocolate Almonds, Green Tea White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Cashews. The perfect tea giftbox for any tea enthusiast!

Simply The Best (F11022)

Simply the Best: Featuring Mimi and Liloo Berry Berry Tea, this giftbox is filled with the best product for a day of rest and relaxation! Including items such as Cashmere socks, mouth-watering Mary Macleod's Shortbread cookies, a scented candle and more, this giftbox is a great tea gift idea to send to your family, friends or colleagues!

#Boss (F10422)

#BOSS: For that boss that deserves a little extra for their hard work. #Boss includes organic Mimi and Liloo Berry Tea, a stylish mug for your morning tea, delicious snacks and more! This tea gift box is a great gift to send to the #Boss in your life who enjoys a nice cup of tea during their busy days.

Me Time (F30622)

Me Time: Overflowing with fresh, rejuvenating scents of lavender, lemon and more. This tea gift basket is filled with the most luxurious and trendy spa products so you can enjoy a day at the spa at home while enjoying a a delicious cup of Cheeky Chai Tea.

Luxe Serenity (F30722)

Luxe Serenity: Baskits most luxurious spa gift for the one who deserves the very best. Luxe Serenity is a stunning collection of self-care products to inspire moments of elevated pampering at home. Featuring Mimi and Liloo's Berry Berry Tea, enjoy a cup of organic tea, hot or cold, while enjoying a bath soak with the most premium and luxurious products.

Hangover Helper Box (R15622)

Hangover Helper: Give the partier in your life the gift of an easy recovery with Baskits Hangover Helper! Rejuvenate and re-hydrate your aching body with Hangover Helper tea by Tealish. Let someone know you’ve got their back with a gift that is perfect for soothing the aftermath from the night before!

Whether you are a tea lover, or just need a moment of calm, Mimi and Liloo teas are sure to become your new, go-to drink. And best of all, it can be enjoyed all year-round, hot or cold! Want to deliver a tea gift basket? We ship tea gift baskets and tea gift boxes across Canada and the USA!

So get sipping, tea lovers... Baskits style!