Empress & Co. - Exclusive Baskits Luxury Home Gifts

Empress & Co. - Exclusive Baskits Luxury Home Gifts

2022 Aug 30th

Today we put the spotlight on our most luxurious brand, Empress & Co, our luxury brand that epitomizes the delivery of world-class products. When we can’t find the best, we make it ourselves!


An Empress is an uncommon figure in history. She is a ruler - not of a city, state or even country - but of an empire! Classic and traditional meets elegant and sophisticated, that describes our Empress & Co. Brand. Empress suggests sophistication, elegance, empathy, femininity, wisdom, compassion, courage and grace. Someone who radiates these traits and inspires us by her character and example. Named in honour of CEO Robin's grandmother who was the epitome of strength, power and traditional family values. Combining these traits, this brand elevates what 'simply the best' really means.

From cashmere to candles, to luxe robes and premium additions to any kitchen, Empress provides you with a variety of gift ideas for the person who truly has it all. Each product has been carefully designed using luxe materials that will become elegant additions to your home. With products that make a house a home, you can never go wrong. Add our stunning charcuterie board made of acacia wood to keep all of your snacks close at hand. Discover our full line of luxury house and home products delivered with world class service.

View our list of gift options including our Empress & Co. brand:

Simply The Best Gift Basket (F11021)

Simply the best: This gift features our luxurious 100% cashmere socks and scented candle and is filled with products for the perfect rest and relaxation day. With mouth-watering shortbread cookies and organic berry tea, Simply the Best is a great gift option to send to anyone in need of a day to recharge and relax.

My Oasis Gift Basket (F31021)

My Oasis: Slip into your own oasis with this extraordinary self-care\spa gift basket! This gift features our Empress & Co scented candle that will warm your heart and brighten your space. Also included are self-care products such as a lip mask, nail files, dot & lil soap. My Oasis is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or to indulge yourself for a spa day at home!

Not Too Sweet (Red) Gift Basket (G51021)

Not Too Sweet: Elevate your charcuterie board with our Not Too Sweet! This gift box includes everything you need to make the best charcuterie such as Empress & Co acacia wood cutting board and brass spoon, artisanal salami, brie cheese, crackers and more! *Also available with white wine.

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