A Poppin' Celebration

A Poppin' Celebration

2022 Dec 16th

Let's celebrate this week's Friday Feature, the only way we know how - with our very own, celebratory gift box! Because who doesn't love to celebrate with a bottle of booze?! With the new year right around the corner — it's time to get poppin'! And it's no party unless we're all in it together - so this December give an alcohol gift basket. There's enough to go around for everyone!

There's something to be said about the gifts that we give, the ones we wish we could keep for ourselves. When they're that good to look at, you know they're even better to actually enjoy. A perk of gifting bubbly (alcoholic and non-alcoholic available) is that when you bring it to the parties you attend, there is a high chance the basket will be opened, and the bottle will be popped! So everyone including you, the gift giver, can enjoy it too!

Celebration with Champagne (C80222)

The perfect gift box for ANY occasion. Whether you know someone who just got into med school, someone celebrating a birthday, or if you are in dire need of a gift for the host of your NYE party, this box says celebration, literally. This elegant collection is comprised of the finest brie cheese, crackers, truffles, and an assortment of nuts. This gift is not complete without a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne.

Cheers! (C11622)

Cheers to the New Year coming up with Our Cheers! giftbox! Includes Canadian crafted Pop the Champagne popcorn from Eatable, signature artisan Dabble & Drizzle chocolates, Friexenet Brut Cava for toasting and more! Gift our Cheers! giftbox for any and every occasion in need of celebrating. *Also available in non-alcoholic version.

Not Too Sweet (Red) (G51022)   Not Too Sweet (White) (G51122)

Looking for a giftbox perfect for those with a taste of the finer things? Our Not Too Sweet gift box includes all the charcuterie essentials including Peele Island Lola Grigio or Lola Cabernet Franc, Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon, Castello Rosenberg Brie Cheese, and many other complimentary savory and sweet delightful treats. The best wine giftbox and wine gift basket to celebrate!

Celebrate Rose (F10522)

Let's Celebrate with Rose! Beautifully designed to celebrate any occasion, perfect for a birthday, an engagement or just because, this giftbox includes a beautiful bottle of Rose wine, Champagne Truffles, and more! Celebrate elegantly and toast to your celebration with a bottle of bubbly.

Hangover Helper Box (R15622)

Let someone know you’ve got their back with a gift that is perfect for soothing the aftermath from the celebration before! Our Hangover Helper giftbox features a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, Fiji Water, Advil Tablets, Clamato Juice, and more. All the essentials for a gift to celebrate a wedding, birthday, or parties of any kind.

With delivery available only in Ontario - we want you to be able to celebrate all of life's milestones in the sweetest way. Pick up available in Toronto and same day delivery in the GTA available!

Celebrate with Champagne, indulge in Wine, get wild with Vodka - celebrate with Baskits