Hi, my name is Robin Kovitz and I’m the President & CEO of Baskits Inc., North America’s premier gifting service. I’d like to welcome you to our website – a treasure trove of beautiful and elegant gifts with something for everyone, and every occasion. We hope that through our products you will find something special to show love, to impress, to thank, to congratulate, to connect or just to say that you are thinking of them.

I am often asked how I ended up running a premium gifting company. There are two key elements of my life that brought me to this wonderful and exciting point. First, as a born entrepreneur, I have wanted to own and run a company for as long as I can remember. This motivated me to closely observe my family’s food business, even as a child. It lead me to the Commerce program at Queen’s University followed by a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School. It also led me into traditional financial jobs including investment banking, business consulting and private equity. This path helped to pave the way to my eventual acquisition of Baskits Inc. in 2014.

The second element that brought me to Baskits was the observation that I made in my personal and professional life that there are very few compelling avenues through which people can connect, and maintain those connections, in special and meaningful ways. As life speeds up, we have less time to care for and cultivate these critical bonds between us – whether it is with our family members and friends, or with our business contacts, employees and customers. You can imagine my excitement when the opportunity to acquire Baskits came along. Here was a company that had been in existence since 1985, with wonderful products and a stellar reputation, that was using gifts to connect people in such a seamless and impactful fashion. I jumped at the chance to acquire Baskits Inc. and am so happy that I did.

Today more than ever, we at Baskits are keenly focused on our mission of connecting people and bringing joy into our customers’ and gift recipients’ lives. It keeps us motivated and inspired to provide the highest quality products, exceptional customer service, state-of-the-art infrastructure and systems resulting in an overall gifting experience that is truly second to none. We hope you enjoy our website and hope to assist you with all of the special connections that life has to offer.