Lumberjack (CG)

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Experience the rugged charm of the great outdoors with our Lumberjack Gift Box, a truly Northern inspired collection that captures the essence of wilderness adventures. Featuring an Axe Multi-Tool, set of wooden coasters, and Toronto's premium Hatch coffee for cozy Canadian mornings. Enjoy some delicious maple glazed salmon, accompanied by delightful crackers and Les Minettes Marmelade d'agrumes, and indulge in our signature Mimi and Liloo Maple Crunch Chocolate Bar for a sweet finale. Perfect for outdoor.

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  • Hatch Colombia Coffee 60g: A captivating coffee blend sourced from the highlands of Colombia. Immerse yourself in the rich flavours and unique aromas. An exceptional Toronto-owned brew that coffee enthusiasts will love.
  • Axe Multi Tool: Embrace the spirit of the wildnerness with our versatile Axe Multi Tool, a handy companion for tackling various tasks on your rugged journeys.
  • 2x Wooden Coasters: Protect your surfaces in style with our charming wooden coasters, a perfect addition to your home decor with a touch of rustic elegance.
  • Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon: Indulge in the delectable goodness of maple glazed smoked slamon, a savory treat that brings the taste of outdoors to your palate.
  • Les Minettes Marmelade d'agrumes: Savor the zesty delight of Les Minnettes Marmelade d'agrumes, a citrusy spread that adds a burst of flavor to your culinary creations.
  • Crackle & Pop Water Crackers 95g: Our Lightly Salted Crackers are the perfect additions for your Wilderness Nights and are also vegan.
  • Dabble & Drizzle Maple Almonds: The rich flavour of 100% Canadian Maple Syrup coating our Crunchy Roasted Almonds is sure to keep you coming back for more!!
  • Mimi and Liloo Maple Crunch Chocolate Bar: A Canadian twist on a classic! Our maple crunch chocolate bar combines the sweet taste of belgian milk chocolate, alongside crunchy and pure canadian maple syrup.
  • White Box with Clear Lid:  Unveil the rugged charm of the lumberjack-themed gift box, nestled within our white box with a clear lid, offering a sneak peek into the wilderness-inspired treasures within.

  • SKU - M10623
  • Box Dimensions - 15x15x6 in
  • Weight - 3.3 lb

  • SeaChange Seafoods
  • Hatch Coffee
  • Mimi and Liloo
  • Les Minettes
  • Dabble & Drizzle
  • Crackle & Pop