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Camp Games Gift Basket for Kids

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Unleash the excitement of adventure with our Kids Camp Day Gift Basket! Packed with goodies to ignite young imaginations, this bundle promises endless fun. Dive into creativity with the Mini Color Pencil Crayon Set and embark on hilarious storytelling journeys with the Camp Daze and Letters from Camp Mad Libs Books. Keep those little feet cozy and cheerful with the Happy Camper socks, perfect for reading under the covers with their glow torch flashlight. Designed for adventurous spirits who thrive on exploration and creativity, this gift basket is sure to bring joy to every young camper's heart.

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Camp Games Gift Basket for Kids
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  • 12 Mini Color Pencil Crayon Set: Let your child's imagination soar with our 12 mini color pencil crayon set. These vibrant and portable pencil crayons are perfect for little hands and provide a rainbow of colors to bring their artwork to life.
  • Book - Camp Daze Mad Libs: Discover the joy of Mad Libs, the ultimate word game that guarantees laughter for all! Craft your own uproarious camp tales by filling in the missing words on each of the 21 "fill-in-the-blank" pages in Camp Daze Mad Libs, covering campfire stories, hide and seek, and s'mores. Whether you play solo, in a group, the fun never ends! Mad Libs is a fantastic family activity recommended for ages 8 and above, offering both amusement and language arts practice to enhance reading comprehension and grammar skills. Get ready to create silly and unforgettable stories with friends while relishing the camp experience like never before!
  • Book - Letters from Camp Mad Libs: Experience the laughter-filled world of Mad Libs, the ultimate word game and an ideal gift for those with a sense of humor! Let your creativity shine as you fill in the missing words in each of the 21 "fill-in-the-blank" letters from Camp Mad Libs. Share the hilarity with your best friends, family, or pen pals. These fun-filled letters, complemented by full-color spot art, not only entertain but also serve as a language arts practice to enhance reading comprehension and grammar skills. Perfect for ages 8 and above, Mad Libs offer a delightful way to bond with friends while creating unforgettable and silly stories together!
  • Happy Camper Socks: Adding a touch of coziness and style to your child's adventures! These comfortable and vibrant socks feature a fun and funky camping-themed design, perfect for climbing great heights on the next camping adventure.
  • Kids Glow Torch Flashlight: Iluminate their imaginaton with this glow torch flashlight. This compact and durable flashlight is designed specifically for little handles, providing a soft and comforting glow for bedtime stories, camping adventures, or exciting treasure hunts. It's a practical and fun accessory for any young explorer.
  • Reusable Copper Paperboard Base: All of the camp care package essentials placed perfectly in this copper paperboard base, perfect for storing keepsakes such as camp crafts and letters.

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