Hangover Helper

Hangover Recovery Box with DHM Detox, Emergen-C & Tea

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The ultimate Hangover Helper Gift Box is designed to make everyone's morning after an evening of fun and celebration a breeze. Explore thoughtful remedies like No Days Wasted DHM Recovery Blend, Tealish Hangover Helper Tea, and Emergen-C Super Orange to conquer the aftermath. Dive into "Hangover Helper - Delicious Cures From Around," a playful cookbook brimming with global remedies and culinary delights. With hangover drops, Advil tablets and Orbit peppermint gum at hand, it's the perfect gift for partygoers, holiday parties, weddings and other late-night party gatherings. Show you care with this curated box that will help with revitalization and readiness for the day ahead.

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Hangover Recovery Box with DHM Detox, Emergen-C & Tea
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  • No Days Wasted DHM Recovery Blend: An essential companion for a vibrant morning after a night of celebration. Formulated with DHM Detox, it aids in dismantling harmful toxins, addressing 80% of the hangover issue. Conveniently packaged for on-the-go use, this vitamin infusion hopes to help you wake up feeling revitalized and ready to conquer the day after a night out.
  • Tealish Hangover Helper Tea: Embark on a rejuvenating journey with the Tealish Hangover Helper, a caffeine-free herbal chai blend, expertly crafted with rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, fennel, and aniseed. This revitalizing blend transforms into a delicious chai latte, boasting anti-inflammatory properties, vital vitamins, minerals, and digestion support. Whether recovering from festivities or seeking comfort, indulge in this calming infusion for a revitalized and hydrated day ahead.
  • Emergen-C Super Orange, 1000mg Vitamin C: Elevate your well-being with Emergen-C, your armor for immunity and overall health maintenance. Packed with the power to bolster your immune function, support energy production, and maintain electrolyte balance with key minerals, it's your essential partner for vitality and wellness.
  • Hangover Helper Book - Delicious Cures From Around the World: Unveil the ultimate hangover cure with 'Hangover Helper - Delicious Cures From Around,' a playful cookbook featuring 50+ tried-and-true recipes sourced from global culinary traditions. From easy-to-prepare post-party delights like a Bacon, Egg and Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Bagel, this book also includes brunch cocktails and non-alcoholic options for both detox and indulgence, making it perfect for armchair enthusiasts and world-weary revelers seeking flavorful remedies.
  • JE Hasting Hangover Drops: Revitalize with Hangover Drops, your go-to solution for post-celebration recovery. These drops may offer a quick and effective way to combat hangover symptoms, helping you bounce back with renewed energy.
  • Advil Regular Strength Ibuprofen Tablets 200mg, 10 count: For Fast headache, fever, muscle and joint pain relief. 
  • Orbit Peppermint Gum 14pc: Experience a burst of refreshing flavor with our Peppermint Gum, available in a convenient 14-piece pack. Indulge in the invigorating taste while enjoying the benefits of fresh breath on the go.
  • Reusable White Box w Clear Lid: With our resuable white box featuring a clear lid, it provides a delightful view of the reviving remedies and treats within the gift box.

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  • Box Dimensions - 15x15x6 in
  • Weight - 2.95 lb

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  • Grey Goose Vodka
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