Gluten Free Gourmet Food Gift Basket

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Find an incredible gift basket that is filled with delicious gourmet goodies perfect for those who follow a gluten-free and vegan diet. The gluten-free/vegan gift box is filled with fantastic gourmet goodies perfect for all dietary preferences and restrictions. From coconut chocolate oats, cinnamon nut brittle, gummies, and popular vegan and gluten-free brands such as Goldy's, Oat of the Ordinary, and Wellness Bites, this gift is perfect for friends, family, and colleagues. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any special occasion while keeping their preferences in mind.

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Gluten Free Gourmet Food Gift Basket
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  • Goldy's Banana Nut Cereal: Start your day with a delightful crunch of a Canadian made Banana Nut Cereal, a delicious blend of bananas and nuts for a perfect morning treat.
  • Oat of the Ordinary Chocolate Oats with Coconut: Taste the rich and coconut infused goodness of these Oat of the Ordinary Chocolate Oats with Coconut, a heavenly combination of flavors in every spoonful.
  • Green Sun Foods Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut: Treat yourself to the irresistable taste of a sweet and tropical delight that brings a burst of joy with every bite.
  • Goldy's Coconut Lime Cereal: A delightful Canadian made blend of coconut and lime flavors that will brighten up your breakfast.
  • Wellness Bites Crispy Quinoa Cinnamon Brittle Nut Crunch: Experience the ultimate sweet, salty, crunchy and nutty cinnamon crunch with this gluten free and vegan-friendly snack option.
  • Brother's Gem Gem Lemon Ginger Chews: Zest up your day with a zesty burst of lemon and ginger in each chewy piece.
  • Brother's Gem Gem Orange Ginger Chews: Enjoy a tangy twist combining the freshness of orange with the invigorating taste of ginger.
  • c'est BON BON Vegan Bites Gummies: Delight in the colorful and fruity assortment of these vegan gummies. A fun mix of cherries, peaches, raspberries and watermelons.
  • White Box w Clear Top: Unveil your gluten-free and vegan certified delights held in a white box w clear top, offering a tasteful and stylish presentation within your thoughtfully curated gift box.

  • SKU - D51523
  • Box Dimensions - 15x15x6 in
  • Weight - 2.3 lb

  • Goldy's
  • Oat of the Ordinary
  • Gem Gem Candies
  • Wellness Bites
  • C'est Bon Bon