Giving Back

Giving back The kind and thougtful act of giving

For over 35 years, Baskits has had the privilege of serving a dedicated customer base, and we are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support we receive from and our community corporations across the USA and Canada. Giving back has always been at the core of our values, igniting our passion and driving us to support our country and community in meaningful ways.


At Baskits, we believe in the power of giving and its ability to create positive, meaningful change. We are motivated by the kind and thoughtful act of giving. We are dedicated to fostering a commitment to generosity and community, extending our support to causes that make a meaningful difference. Throughout the years, we have proudly donated thousands of Baskits and forged strong partnerships with numerous organizations. A notable achievement includes raising over $2 million for dementia, a cause close to our hearts!    
With every act of giving, we strive to create positive change that resonates far beyond our immediate reach.

Together, we can build a better future and inspire others to embrace the joy of giving.


To request a donation, please complete the form below. We accept donation requests from January to November, carefully considering each request at the beginning of each month corresponding to the event. It is our commitment to support causes that align with our values and make a significant impact.