The perfect alternative to fresh flowers.

The perfect alternative to fresh flowers.

2019 Jul 24th

There really isn’t a more beautiful way to brighten someone’s day then by sending flowers. But, is a special occasion always required in order to enjoy stunning blooms? We at Baskits don’t think so!

This Spring, with great anticipation, we launched our exquisite and unbelievably life-like Faux Flower Collection. The perfect alternative to fresh flowers that you really have to see and touch to believe, each flower is artistically crafted by hand to truly mimic the realistic look and feel of a hydrated petal. The best part being, with no wilting or watering required, you can enjoy them hassle-free for years and years to come.

Our faux florals come in varying arrangements to meet a number of price points and styles, each one respectfully named after inspiring women. Styles range from traditional pastel Rose bouquets such as ‘Elizabeth’ to vibrant exotic statement pieces like our chic fuchsia Phalaenopsis orchids ‘Coco.'

Perfect for long distance deliveries to friends and family afar, or simply adding to your own office, living or dining space, baby’s nursery or on your nightstand to add that freshly-picked flower glow to any room.

Visit us as for our full collection of elegant faux flower arangements for any space and occasion.