The Newfoundland Chocolate Company

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company

2019 Jun 12th

Baskits is proud to include the Newfoundland Chocolate Company in many of our gourmet gift baskets; this artisan chocolate brand is rooted in St John’s. NL and their delicious flavours, charming designs and Canadian craftsmanship are only the beginning of why we love this company so much!

The story of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company began with Brent and Christina when they met during their graduate studies. Brent studied geography and Christina neuroscience, but it was their love of creativity that brought them together, as they met in a pottery class. Brent had always been inspired by the artisan quality of chocolate that he experienced when travelling in Europe and dreamed that Canada could produce chocolate that decadent.

Together this sweet couple began the company out of their home in St. John’, NL, where they became the perfect team - Brent dreamed up flavour combinations, and Christina worked to include local ingredients. They realized that their company had become something so much more to them than just creating chocolate, it was also about their love for their home; Newfoundland and Labrador, and something to be shared with the Country.

Their products are truly Canadian. Each chocolate is sourced, crafted, decorated and packaged by hand, all without artificial flavours and preservatives. Their adorable packaging features the iconic and vibrantly painted homes in St John’s. We have included these wonderful bars in many of our gourmet gift baskets including Oh, Sweet Canada and The Art of Chocolate.

Just like Brent and Christina, we at Baskits are proud of our Canadian origins, and local crafters. For these reason we have hand-curated some of our gourmet gift baskets to include only our favourite Canadian gourmet brands.

Check out some of our favourites like Canadiana and Canadian, Eh? at