The Gift of Story

The Gift of Story

2022 Jan 10th

We are officially in our second week of January - and with every new week comes another Monday Meets. This Monday, we are introducing you to: My First Library.

With every new year, we set out to expand our horizons, try new things, and learn more. A big part of learning comes from the places we go, the people we meet, and the books we read. Parents, especially, want their little ones to be inspired to dream big, have goals, and be curious - even when not in a school setting. Reading to your little one is a great way to help set them up for their future. It teaches them about new realms and ideas, and helps shape and grow their minds at an early age.

Parents alike know how challenging it can be to get your child to pick up a book and start reading, especially in this digital and tech-driven world we all live in. That's why we came up with a creative approach to getting books in the hands of your little ones.

At Baskits, we know that packaging and visual appeal goes a long way, and how you present something has a big impact on how someone will receive it. With that being said, we designed My First Library in a way that was both vibrant and exciting to a young and curious mind. Filled with inspirational and interactive storybooks from award-winning children’s authors, and a plush friend for your little one to play and read to, all packaged in a sweet box that's sure to fill them with joy and excitement.

Give your little one a gift that's sure to last them a lifetime - one that they can pass on for generations to come - with our My First Library gift box. Get reading!