Thank you Gift Baskets to send your sweet gratitude!

Thank you Gift Baskets to send your sweet gratitude!

2022 Sep 7th

Best Thank You Gifts to Send

There are all sorts of occasions that merit a thank you gift. Perhaps a friend helped you move into a new house. Or a cousin was a huge help for your wedding or anniversary celebration. It could be that you were a houseguest for someone. Whatever the occasion, it’s good practice to express your gratitude by giving a thank you gift.

There are many options for thank you gifts, and it can be hard to choose what to get for someone. It can be helpful to consider what they like or if there is anything that could make their home prettier. When in doubt, food is typically a good option. We have the best thank you gifts to suit people of all ages and tastes.

Faux Flowers

If you want to stick with traditional flowers as a thank you gift, Baskits has got you covered. Our faux flower arrangements are so real-looking that no one will be able to tell the difference, and they make the best thank you gifts. Here are a few of our favourites:

Grace (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31121)

Grace is a faux orchid in full bloom. Enjoy the beautiful simplicity of a white orchid without all of the maintenance that goes along with it. Or, if you want a brighter orchid, try the Coco.

Diana (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31520)

Diana is our tribute to England’s roses. It features Westminster roses and two-toned hydrangeas set in a wooden vase. As far as thank you gifts go, this is an excellent choice for any occasion.

Me Time + Amelia Gift Basket (F10821)

Consider pairing faux flowers with a gift basket for a more extravagant thank you gift. The Me Time + Amelia is a popular choice. Combining the Amelia floral arrangement with the Me Time gift basket, this gift contains a wide variety of personal care items, including Lemon Lily Lavender Tea, a Kocostar Rose Petal face mask, and a Dot & Lil Sparkling Milk Bath Cube.

Gift Baskets

No matter what prompts the thank you gift, gift baskets are always a welcome choice. With a little bit of thought about the recipient’s likes and loves, Baskits has a wide variety of gift baskets for everyone!

#Boss Gift Basket (F10421)

#Boss is sure to please any boss in your life. It comes in a sleek white box and contains all sorts of thank you gifts, including a “White Lash” mug, Gold Dots Jotter notepad and pencil, and Mimi & Liloo Berry Berry Tea.

Simply The Best Gift Basket (F11021)

Simply the Best is perfect as a thank you gift for any gender. Its contents are carefully chosen to create a basket of relaxation products. It includes cashmere bed socksMimi & Liloo Berry Berry Tea, Mary MacLeod’s Handmade, All-Butter Shortbread Cookies, and more.

Keeping It Cozy Gift Basket (F30521)

Keeping It Cozy continues the relaxation theme of thank you gifts; after all, who doesn’t love cozying up under a blanket after a long day? Its relaxation-themed contents include an Empress & Co. 100% cotton cable knit blanket, cashmere bed socks, a black and gold mug, along with a few other goodies.

Luxe Serenity Gift Basket (F30721)

Luxe Serenity is one of the most luxurious gift baskets available, and it makes the best thank you gift. Its self-care products encourage at-home pampering and include So Luxury Blush Soak Himalayan Pink and Epsom Bath Salts, a Jade facial roller, and Dot & Lil Bath Milk in a peony & olive leaf scent.

Perfect Night In Gift Basket (R10921)

Perfect Night In is the best thank you gift for couples. Instead of gifting cards for a night, give a date gift basket that will last for months. Our date-themed box includes all sorts of bonding items, including an Empress & Co. cotton cable knit blanket, Theory 11 Union Deck Cards, and Hygge Games How Did You Know That? along with snacks and drinks to complete the date.

Gourmet Food and Drink

Food and drinks have always made the best thank you gifts. From traditional chocolate to alcohol to snacks, Baskits has a gourmet food, and drink option for every thank you gift. Here are a few of our favourites:

Heavenly Bites M Gift Basket (G77621)

Heavenly Bites M features over two dozen Dabble & Drizzle Assorted Chocolates. These decadent treats are handmade in Ontario, so you can feel good about supporting a local business while giving a deliciously decadent treat. This box is also available in small and large sizes.

Cookie it Up! (Nut-Free) M Gift Basket (D80921)

Cookie It Up! M is sure to please the cookie monster in your life and makes the best thank you gift for anyone. This basket is chock-full of Cookie It Up! cookie flavours, including White Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread, Butterscotch, and Chocolate Chip. This box is also available in small and large sizes.

Let's Do Brunch Gift Basket (R77321)

Let’s Do Brunch is our breakfast-inspired gift basket. It includes everything one needs to make amazing breakfasts and brunches, such as the Let’s Do Brunch cookbook, Slice of Canada maple syrup, and delicious pancake mix. As far as breakfast thank you gifts go, this one can’t be beat.

Coffee, Tea & Treats Gift Basket (G72821)

Coffee, Tea & Treats is filled with little goodies from leading Canadian gourmet companies. Your thank you gift recipient will appreciate items for their coffee break, such as Hatch “Columbia” blend coffee, Mimi & Liloo Berry Berry tea, and cookies and chocolate from Dabble & Drizzle.

Canadiana L Gift Basket (G71221)

Canadiana L showcases a variety of treats from Canadian gourmet vendors and makes a great thank you gift for all occasions. It includes sweet treats like Dabble & Drizzle Caramel Corn alongside salty treats like Crackle & Pop Buffalo BBQ Kettle Chips, all in a Keepsake Birch Wooden Crate Base. This box is also available in extra large.

Rosedale Gift Basket (G80521)

For the ultimate best thank you gift, check out the Rosedale. The keepsake trunk is carefully arranged with a wide variety of food and drink, including Seachange Seafoods Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon, Dabble & Drizzle 14-piece Dark Chocolate Truffles, Castello Rosenberg Brie Cheese, and so much more!

No matter what prompted the thank you gift, there are many options out there to express your appreciation and gratitude for someone. From flowers to self-care products to gourmet food and drink, choosing the best thank you gift can be challenging. But with a little bit of thought, you can give the best thank you gift that your recipient will be sure to love. Check out today, and get them a thank you gift they’ll love to receive!