Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet

2021 Sep 23rd

On Thursdays, and everyday alike, we like to shine a spotlight on our amazing customers. With our loved ones continually adapting through uncertain times, it's important to reach out and spread the love when we can. That being said, we are proud to announce our Baskits locations are re-opening and thriving, all thanks to you. We are so grateful for your continued loyalty.

So today, we celebrate all of you who have kept us going strong. And what better way to send a sweet thanks than with our Sweet Treats Tray. Treat a friend, or your sweet self, because let's face it - it's well deserved!

Sweet Treats Tray Gift Basket

Here’s to you all, and let the countdown begin for our new 2021/2022 line, by us, for you. How sweet is that!