Pick It, Brand It, Ship It! Corporate Gifting

Pick It, Brand It, Ship It! Corporate Gifting

2023 May 23rd

At Baskits, we've made it our mission to elevate corporate gifting so that companies of all sizes can give a high-quality gift, whether to show appreciation for employees during the holidays, to thank their most devoted clients, to welcome top level executives and CEOs to a conference, or to get staff and clients pumped up about an upcoming event.


You've come to the perfect place if you're looking for high-end corporate branded gifts that look and feel as upscale as the brand of your business. Today, we're discussing the top, most popular methods that we've elevated the world of corporate gifting by using branded corporate gifts that are unique and send the ideal message on behalf of businesses and organizations to clients, referrals, event attendees, workers, and other enterprises.

Corporate gifting is a great way to build relationships with clients and show appreciation to employees. A corporate gift basket can be the perfect way to express gratitude and promote your brand. A corporate gift basket is a thoughtful, personalized way to make a lasting impression. We help companies show appreciation and manage relationships through a new type of gifting experience specifically designed for corporations.

Giving a gift is so much more than just a transaction; it's all about emotional connection. So whether you are looking to create a gift program or just finding a gift for an event, you want it to be special, meaningful and accurate. That's where we come in.

Tell us about your company goals and values, what is the occasion, who is the recipient and what are you aiming to achieve, and we can help you create the perfect experience for your budget. Our team of experts holds a wealth of knowledge and creativity and will always make sure to bring you the latest trends so your gifts will be innovative and fresh.

With our multiple address checkout feature, our gifting platform enables you to send gifts to a large group of people easily and quickly!

Connect, Recognize and Reward your clients and employees.

Give a gift that’s much more personal than the typical corporate gift basket. Whether you’re an admin tasked with buying company gifts for employee appreciation and team recognition, an entrepreneur nurturing new partnerships with executive gifts, or somewhere in between, Baskits' business gifting program will help you build your brand through unique, memorable gift boxes. From product sourcing to custom branding to bulk orders, we can handle any challenge you bring to the table. Our collection of unique corporate gifts can be tailored for every type of occasion and recipient, so you can confidently send thank you gifts or end-of-year gifts to your professional contacts with ease.

Semi Custom Corporate Gifts

Our Semi-custom options are a great way to add customization with shorter lead times. Choose any gift from our Ready to Ship Collection and brand it with options like customized logo ribbon, logo belly band, logo branded cards or other additional items that perfectly reflect your brand. Our corporate gift specialists can advise you on the best gift options and help manage the entire process making it easy and stress-free. INQUIRE NOW

Fully Custom Corporate Gifts

Elevate your corporate gifting program and make a statement by choosing a fully customized gift that focusses on your brand. At Baskits, our mission is to provide you with the best gifting options while making it an easy and stress-free process. Whether you are looking for corporates gifts with branded logo card, corporate gifts with branded ribbon, or corporate gifts with branding, Baskits is here to support you throughout the entire process. We are corporate gifting experts trusted by many companies across Canada and the US to create and deliver gifting options that strengthen and build your employee and client relationships. INQUIRE NOW

Baskits offers a one-on-one consultation with an account specialist to help you create a business gift that perfectly represents your brand and the relationships you share with your customers, colleagues, and employees. We’ll work to understand your business needs and assemble gift ideas based on the information you give us, tweaking and adjusting until you’ve created a personalized client gift that will always make them think of you. We will provide you with the best gift options for your gift occasion. With our business gifting program, it’s easy to build impressive gift boxes that showcase your business in the best light possible. Let us help you create a custom solution for your corporate gifting needs. Connect with us to get started on your business gifts today.

Leading the Research on Corporate Gifting

When you come to us for business gifts we'll give you expert advice based on data and experience. We'll also give you a choice of technology solutions designed for large and ongoing gifting programs without sacrificing the personalization and customer service we're known for.

Happy Corporate Gifting!