Order Now, Ship Later

Order Now, Ship Later

2019 May 24th

You just saw the perfect gift basket for that special someone and you think to yourself, “The only problem is, their birthday isn’t until next month.”

Luckily, Baskits allows you to order now and ship later! If you are calling, or ordering your gifts online, you are able to select your date of delivery upon checkout. Whether you need the gift delivered in the near future, or much later, rest assured that your thoughtful gift basket will be delivered on the perfect date.

Use the delivery tracking page on our website to follow along on the scheduled day of delivery. With your tracking number, provided by e-mail, you can view in real time if your basket is out for delivery or if it has been delivered and who has signed for the basket. This special feature gives you the peace of mind and knowing that the beautiful basket you sent is in the right hands.

Say goodbye to last minute shopping and plan ahead on our online website.