Movie Night, Baskits Style

Movie Night, Baskits Style

2021 Dec 3rd

This weeks Thursday Thoughts is all about the movies! And, with every good movie, comes an even better movie night. The perfect night in, with family, friends, or even, date night!

Jam packed with goodies for a Baskits night of fun! Featuring all the essentials, our movie night gift basket is a necessity if you want to do your night in, right. From microwaveable corn on the cob to Movie Night Trivia and lots of sweets, the movies have never tasted so good, from the comfort of your own home.

This basket really does give the essence of being at a movie theatre, but with several added bonuses! As if popcorn as a standalone snack wasn't good enough, this basket gives you a variety of the best popcorn seasoning options; Truffle & Sea Salt and Dill Pickle.. Plus, if you really want to top it off, combine both for the the most flavorful popcorn!

And, if you really want to add a little friendly competition to your movie night, you're in luck because our basket includes the game of trivia: movie edition. So, not only do you get to watch the movies, but you get to see who was paying the most attention afterwards.

So, this weekend, have yourself the perfect movie night and create lasting memories at home.