Hello Holts!

Hello Holts!

2021 Nov 3rd

Talk about Wednesday WOWs, and do we have a big announcement for you today! Drum roll, please...

Our gifts bring people together, especially during times when connecting in person isn't that simple. But with stores reopening and retail thriving once again, we've teamed up with everyones favourite store with maroon shopping bags.

Hello Holt Renfrew! Now featured inside all locations, you can find Baskits products right on the shelves of their gift section! Be it a 100% Cable Knit Cashmere Blanket, or a Baby Gift Set, your holiday gifts are ready! Because with Holts X Baskits, you're sure to WOW even the toughest of gifters!

With every new connection and collaboration we make, we know that we wouldn't be where we are today without our most loyal customers. So really, here's to you! Bringing Baskits to you in more and more places, to give you the simplest and easiest gift-shopping experience.

This holiday season, we've filled the baskets, so you can fill your loved ones with the happiest of warm feelings - giving the best to the people who mean the most to you.

Browse our entire holiday gift collection here!