Healthy and Special Dietary Gift Ideas! Discover our Vegan, Gluten Free and Nut Free Gift Baskets!

Healthy and Special Dietary Gift Ideas! Discover our Vegan, Gluten Free and Nut Free Gift Baskets!

2022 Sep 20th

Looking for a gift that meets your recipient’s dietary restrictions? We've got you covered! Searching for gifts that are nut-free, vegan, or gluten-friendly is not always easy but, we at Baskits have curated the perfect line of gifts that are inclusive for those with special dietary needs!


Our vegan-friendly gift baskets are an excellent gifting choice for vegans. They contain only the highest quality products without sacrificing on taste. All our gourmet vegan gift baskets have been hand picked and offer a great selection of delicious treats that anyone will enjoy. Shop the best selection of vegan gift baskets.

Vegan Gift Basket (D81721)

Our Vegan gift basket was carefully curated to include 100% vegan gifts from environmentally conscious Canadian companies we love! This gift features not only vegan options, but gluten-free options as well. Perfect for those maintaining a preferred or restricted vegan diet. This gift includes some of our favourite treats such as Chai peanut brittle from Sweetsmith, Crackle & Pop fancy nut mix, Bon Bon gummy candies and more that are sure to please!


Bursting with the best quality sweets and savories, our gluten-free gift baskets offer a great selection of quality treats you won't find anywhere else! If you are looking to treat someone special with delicious great tasting gluten-free products, you've come to the right place! Shop our best gluten-free gift baskets today and surprise your family and friends with a gift they'll love.

Goodbye Gluten Gift Basket (D72021)

Indulge in our Goodbye Gluten giftbox certified gluten free and oh, so delicious! This giftbox is filled with fantastic gourmet goodies that are perfect for those who prefer or are restricted to a gluten-free or gluten-friendly diet. Delicious snacks including carrot cake brittle, shortbread cookies, chocolate truffles, Crackle & Pop Sweet and Salty popcorn and more!


Browsing for the best nut-free gift or gift basket ideas for any occasion? Our line of nut-free gift baskets is sure to please anyone who wants to indulge in goodies without the worry. All our nut-free gifts baskets are made in a peanut-free and tree nut-free facility so you can safely send to anyone who is allergic to nuts. Elegantly wrapped and perfect for any occasion, shop our collection of the best nut-free gift baskets! 

Cookie It Up! (Nut Free) S Gift Basket (D40321)          Cookie it Up! (Nut-Free) M Gift Basket (D80921)


Our Cookie It Up baskets, available in two sizes, are a cookie lover’s dream! Filled with a variety of mouth-watering shortbreads such as Chocolate shortbreads, Cranberry & white chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Salted Butterscotch and more!

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