get on board with this gift box!

get on board with this gift box!

2021 Dec 15th

This Wednesday we're saying WOW to the week of the gift boxes! It's about time, we all get on board, because sometimes switching things up is a nice change. Especially when it comes to gifting! And, let's face it, some gifts are left better in box form, so let's toast to these! Because here at Baskits, we have too many good ones, that you don't want to miss.

Our Wednesday WOW of the week focuses on our most recent gift box - the On Boards Gift. Only with a gift box can you really have the most authentic unboxing experience. And gifting is all about the experiences, and with a Baskits box, that is a promise.

Our On Boards gift is the perfect selection for those in your life who live for entertaining - effortless entertaining! Say goodbye to that charcuterie class, and say hello to the perfect box for turning you into a charcuterie board expert. The On Boards recipe book, by Lisa Dawn Bolton being a best seller for a reason! The (signed!!) book provides you with simple & eye-catching recipe ideas to share at any gathering.

And as if the recipes weren't enough, this box comes fully loaded with the necessities to get your board prepped for all your guests to feast on. With the manual, an acacia wood board, a premium brass-spoon, and some treats to go with, your board will be set in no time.

So, this holiday season, get on board with gift boxes! And, give the gift of creation!