Faux Flower Arrangement - Beautiful florals all year round!

Faux Flower Arrangement - Beautiful florals all year round!

2022 Dec 9th

As the colder weather starts to set in, our Friday Thoughts lie in reminiscing over warmer days. But 'out with the warm weather' doesn't have to mean out with your favourite Springtime blooms.

We at Baskits have perfected a line of elegant faux floral arrangements that are both enchanting and timeless, and come in a set that's long-lasting, reusable, and incredibly realistic - tying together any home aesthetic. They are also allergen-friendly! Faux, meaning 'made in imitation', is a prime example as to what these flowers really symbolize. Flowers signify growth and blooming, but for flowers that will forever remain "bloomed", they imitate the withstanding power of the inspiring women they represent, making these faux flowers a great gift!

Perfect for low light rooms, work spaces, and many more as the perfect accent, these spectacular arrangements look so real, you may accidentally water them!

There's something special about having a timeless piece that will never go out of style. And each one of our floral selections carries more than just a beautiful aesthetic - they carry with them a name, chosen after influential women around the world. Because our team knows that strong women inspire the next generation of women to come.

Our arrangements are hand designed in different bases and will brighten any room. From stunning orchid arrangements, to a gorgeous bouquet of roses or Casablanca lilies, you’ll find the perfect arrangement to celebrate any occasion or decorate your space.

Here are some of our favourite Faux Flower arrangements:

Rosa (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31021)

Rosa- Named after the remarkable Rosa Parks, Rosa is a striking Tamora rose in dual stages of bloom and the true essence of all things strong, bold and beautiful.

Audrey (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31821)

Audrey- A whimsical vision of timeless beauty, our Audrey arrangement, features two colossal, white Tamora roses in dual stages of bloom and comes arranged in a classic metal vase.

Jacinda (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S32222)

Jacinda- A beautiful array of Casablanca Lilies in a stunning Fish Bowl Vase, Jacinda will be the topic of conversation in any home. Perfect Faux Flower arrangement to send to that special someone.

Amelia (Faux Flowers) (S31422)

Amelia: A classic beauty, our faux arrangement Amelia features a collection of blush Heritage roses, large hydrangeas and stunning Stargazer lilies in different stages of bloom. Beautiful arrangement to send your sympathies.

We are your leading source for beautiful, high quality Faux Flowers and artificial flowers. So gift faux-floral arrangements to the ever-deserving and inspiring people in your life, because there are countless, and they can do it all. Who do you know who deserves one today? Send a Faux Flower arrangement and have it delivered anywhere within North America!