Father's Day - "Standing in Dad's Shoes"

Father's Day - "Standing in Dad's Shoes"

2016 Jun 1st

It’s fairly easy, as a son or daughter, to sit back and reflect on all of the memories you’ve shared with your Dad/Father figure. To talk about how much he has taught you, or fun things you have done together. To reminisce on the good times (and the bad), and to reflect on how he has helped shape your world and the person you are today. But- what about Dad’s point of view? From where we sit, we know our Dad, but how Dad feels about being a father is a very different take on the relationship and parenthood. One only he can describe.

One gentleman by the name of Malcolm Whalley, whose children are now grown and have families of their own, over joyed us with a heart-warming story and we just had to share. He spoke about his journey as a young Dad, and the things he learned along the way. That father-hood is not built, nor perfected overnight, and that every father’s experience is different. Grab a tissue!


“The most memorable things about being a father? Hmm. The most memorable part of being a father, for me...being scared. Yes, it may seem like a strange answer, but let me explain. One day I found myself standing in the shoes of a single Dad. I had two of the most wonderful children a young guy could ask for, but I was scared. I was scared I’d fail them. Scared I couldn’t “do it.” Putting food on the table and clothes on their backs was the easy part. Now I had to raise them. Give them character. To teach them right from wrong and how to be good, hard-working people. So yeah, scared is a good word.

One memory in particular stands out to me. While out at MY father’s farm, I thought I was being funny and gave them, what I thought, was an impossible task for two little kids. To roll a 600 lb, water-logged, bale of hay and I would pay them $10 for every foot they managed to roll it. In my mind, my money was safe. After about two hours of struggle they had yet to move the large hay bale, and from what I could see from the house, determination was taking over. Together they ended up rolling that hay bale 6 feet and change. This whole story comes down to refusing to fail. Watching their willpower, made me see with my own eyes that I COULD raise two children on my own. Without realizing, I had already taught them not to be quitters- even when the impossible was staring them in the face.

When things get tough, I still think back to that day and it always gives me the motivation to be the best father I can be. Those memories. Those memories are my favorite thing about being a father. The things my children have taught me along our journey. The things that have made me a better man, and best of all, a good Dad. I’ll forever be grateful to my kids for being my teacher, when I was supposed to be theirs.”


Father’s Day, is not just a day for children to celebrate their fathers/father figures. It’s also a day for fathers, to celebrate their children. To rejoice in how far they’ve come, everything they’ve learned, and the unique and unconditional relationships they have created with their kids. However, this doesn’t let you off the hook! Dad still deserves the best for Father’s Day!

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