Eastwood XL: The wow factor you’re looking for.

Eastwood XL: The wow factor you’re looking for.

2018 Dec 20th

You don't have to shop till you drop to give a gift that makes a lasting impression. Our Eastwood XL Baskit is full of elegant gourmet products that are sure to impress!

Shopping for “wow” factor gifts can be overly time consuming. At Baskits we work hard to ensure that the perfect gifts are ready to go, to make it easy for you to give the very best and receive more time to enjoy with your family and friends.

Eastwood XL is a stunning arrangement of the very best gourmet gifts assembled in a beautifully hand-crafted, dark wash wooden crate. Recipients will enjoy treats galore that feature top boutique brands like Toronto’s own Fraktals, Sweetsmith, Brockman’s, Mary Macleod, Crackle & Pop and much, much more.

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