Crackle & Pop: Premium in every way!

Crackle & Pop: Premium in every way!

2018 Sep 17th

At Baskits, we take pride in providing the very best to our customers in every aspect of our business; especially when it comes to the quality of the food gifts within our "Gourmet Food" collection.

When it comes to food, Crackle & Pop share the same values and steadfast dedication to care and quality - making their kettle cooked chips and gourmet popcorn the perfect additions to our line. 

Crackle & Pop's adventure began when two good friends shared the belief that their was a void in the market for indulgent, premium snacking foods. They set out to hand-select the finest farm-grown potatoes, top quality ingredients and perfect process for kettle cooking and popping in small batches; ensuring the richest possible flavors. The result: Gourmet kettle chips and kettle corns that are not only delicious but kosher certified, peanut free and premium in every way!

Find Crackle & Pop in many of the gifts within our gourmet collection, some of our favourites include, RichmondChamplainHome at Last and Forest Hill. Take a look throughout our full collection for more gits that include this fantastic, indulgent brand!