Crackle & Pop - Exclusive Gourmet Snacks from Baskits

Crackle & Pop - Exclusive Gourmet Snacks from Baskits

2022 Aug 16th

When premium products can’t be found, we create them ourselves! Launched in 2017, Crackle & Pop includes gourmet kettle cooked chips, hand-selected from the finest farm-grown potatoes, ensuring the richest flavours.

When it comes to snacking, we've got you covered! Explore our Crackle & Pop line – from gourmet kettle chips to premium popcorn – they are sure to satisfy all your salty cravings. Indulge in our Fancy Nut Mix – features the best quality roasted almonds, cashews, walnuts and macadamia nuts – perfect to share while having drinks with friends! Or try out our line of gourmet kettle potato chips that are the perfect amount of crunch and comes in the tastiest flavours; Buffalo BBQThai Chili, and Sea Salt.

Check out our gourmet collection to find our Crackle & Pop brand.

Champlain S: Features our delicious Crackle & Pop Sea Salt chips and Sweet and Salty popcorn

Champlain S Gift Basket (G70621)

Forest Hill: Features our Crackle & Pop Chicago mix popcorn and our Water Crackers to pair nicely with the brie cheese and Les Minettes Marmelade. 

Forest Hill Gift Basket (G72221)

BBQ Sizzler: Features our delicious and flavorful BBQ Kettle chips and spicy Thai Chili Kettle chips. Perfect additions for your summer BBQ days. 

BBQ Sizzler Gift Basket (M71821)

Canadiana XL: This all Canadian basket includes Canada's own Crackle & Pop Sea Salt Kettle ChipsFancy Salted Nut Mix, and Buffalo BBQ Kettle Chips

Canadiana XL Gift Basket (G71121)

You can find all these treats and more on! Shop in the “Brands by Baskits” category or find these snacks in our Gourmet basket collection.