Brand Spotlight: Les Minettes

Brand Spotlight: Les Minettes

2021 Aug 4th

Just like Baskits, small-batch business owners Marie-Claud and Pascale Rémond take a mountain of pride in ensuring they are producing the very best for their customers. Which is why every aspect of their business, from recipe making to website creation, is handled themselves.

These two Montreal-based sisters have created a collection of the most delicious artisan spreads and crackers that Baskits is absolutely in love with and must be shared with our many customers across North America.

Forest Hill (below) is a timeless and elegant gift Baskit that always leaves a warm and welcome impression. Thoughtfully assembled with the finest selections of brie cheese, water crackers, as well as our les Minettes favourites, this savoury focused arrangement is ideal for any occasion.

Forest Hill Gift Basket (G72220)

For more great gourmet and artisan gifts that feature the very best of les Minettes, visit our “Gourmet Food” collection at