Brand Spotlight: Gem Gem Ginger Candy

Brand Spotlight: Gem Gem Ginger Candy

2017 Apr 8th

Gem Gem's ginger candy, made from real Indonesian ginger, pure cane sugar and tapioca starch, blends honest, natural ingredients into a delicious treat. Gluten free, non-GMO and kettle cooked for three hours, Gem Gems are jam-packed with positivity. The added spice, sweetness and chewy texture allows for all of you craving to be satisfied!

Not only are these little treats delicious, ginger has many added health benefits. Did you know that ginger can assist with motion sickness, upset stomach, nausea and even morning sickness? It may even help with lower your blood sugar and cholesterol; improving blood circulation, boosting your immune system, and even detoxification.

Baskits loves Gem Gem ginger candies and all of their added health perks. You can find them in many of our gift selections including the ones below!

Goodbye Gluten "WELL" ington