Brand Spotlight: A Couple of Squares

Brand Spotlight: A Couple of Squares

2017 Mar 31st

Meet A Couple of Squares. Founded in 1997 in the basement of an old building, good friends Mary Bradshaw and Bernadette Erb combined a few pounds of flour, sugar and butter, and baked their way to the top. Today, they have grown out of their basement and into a 9000 square foot facility, evolving from squares to cookies, hand-iced creations and biscuits. What sets these baking beauties apart is their use of the freshest ingredients and their sincere love for what they do. Not to mention they're awfully good at it too!

Did you know that A Couple of Squares made its mark in Hollywood when actress Halle Berry bought a cookie at Kitson, a store in Los Angeles? With a bright future in store, these fine, hand-made goodies not only look good, but taste even better.

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