Best Thank you Gifts to Send to Friends, Family and Colleagues

Best Thank you Gifts to Send to Friends, Family and Colleagues

2022 Oct 3rd

When you can’t find the words, send a Baskits gift instead!

Saying ‘thank you’ isn’t always easy and saying the words isn’t always enough. Show your gratitude and appreciation with a thoughtful gift basket! With tons of gift options available, we are sure you will find the best thank you gift for friends, family, and colleagues that you love. You consider how much the act of giving means to you when you choose which thank you gift to send. When the giver receives your gift, they understand just how thankful you are which is why it is important to send a thank you gift.

There are lots of reasons to be thankful for someone! Whether a friend helped you move, a colleague assisted completing a big project, or a family member did a favour for you, sending a thank you gift will show your appreciation for that person. 

How can you go about choose the perfect gift? We have provided you the best options for all types of thank you gifts! From sending thank you gifts to your family, friends, or colleagues we have got you covered. Our Thank You gift collection is filled with great gifts such as faux flowers and gourmet baskets that will truly show someone how grateful you are for them.

Faux Flowers

Liven up their space with our Faux flowers! Maintenance free and always looks beautiful, our collection of faux florals will add colour and character to any space. From stunning orchid arrangements, to a gorgeous bouquet of roses or Casablanca lilies, you’ll find the perfect arrangement to say ‘Thank you’ that will last forever. They look so real you’ll want to water them! Brighten up your co-worker’s desk with a beautiful faux flower arrangement.

Grace (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31121)

Grace: A stunning single stem white Phalaenopsis Orchid in full bloom - a vision of pure elegance and a thoughtful gift. Enjoy the permanent beauty of an orchid, without the high maintenance.

Coco (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31321)

Coco: Grand and eloquent, this triple-stem fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid in full bloom is as chic as they come.

Serena (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S32121)

Serena: This beautiful long-stemmed bouquet of Garden roses will steal the spotlight in any room and make for a gorgeous thank you gift.

Gourmet Baskets

Is the person you are gifting for a foodie? You can’t go wrong with sending a gourmet basket filled with delicious treats. Choose between a variety of gift baskets such as sweet and, chocolate, alcohol inspired, special dietary and more! There is something for anyone and everyone to enjoy. The tastiest, most indulgent and highest quality gourmet food gift baskets, including gifts you just can't find anywhere else.

Champlain XL (G73922)

Champlain XL: A bright and sophisticated selection of some of our most luxurious brands, Champlain XL has it all! From Mimi and Liloo’s Sea Salt Milk Chocolate to the enticing flavours of Chocolate Truffles and Café Latte Chocolate Almonds, this gift is perfect, to say thank you!

Heavenly Bites S Gift Basket (G81821)           Heavenly Bites M Gift Basket (G77621)

Heavenly Bites (S&M): Looking for an affordable Thank You gift? Our Heavenly Bites chocolate box feature the most decadent assorted milk and dark chocolates that are sure to please any chocolate cravings. Available in a S or M size.

Avenue (G70522)

Avenue: Not sure whether they enjoy sweet or savoury? Send our Avenue basket – the best of both worlds! Including sweet treats such as chocolates, peanut brittle, & caffe latte almonds to savoury goodies such as coffee, brie cheese, and crackers you can’t go wrong!

Rosedale Gift Basket (G80521)

Rosedale: Give our most luxurious gourmet thank you gift basket -Rosedale! For when the person you are thanking has everything, send them a show-stopper to blow them away. Arranged in a beautiful keepsake trunk for the home and overflowing with premium treats, this selection is the absolute perfect gift when only the very best will do.

When you want to let someone know you appreciate their thoughtfulness when they make your life a little bit simpler! Sending a thank you card message along with your gift basket adds a nice touch to your gift! Need some inspiration on what to include in your card message? We have come up with a few templates to help you get started!

- Thanks for not stealing the office supplies and all that other stuff you do.

- Words cannot express the gratitude I feel when I think about all you have done. I'll just say thanks.

- Here's a big thank you for all those years you suffered with me. So, I guess now we can call it even?

For 35-years, we have held up to our promises, which is why we have been entrusted by so many individuals, to gift on their behalf. So, this month let us gift on your behalf, as a "token" of your appreciation, to those who have gone the extra mile. Because saying thanks never goes out of style.