Baskits WOWs

Baskits WOWs

2022 Feb 23rd

Today we want to WOW you all with what we do best, gifting! Our task is simple, to provide your loved ones with a thoughtful and perfectly curated gift basket or gift box. Attached with a personalized card, with your positive sentiments. That, is the part we ensure is done effortlessly, quick, and delivered on time, for you, our customers.

What you don't see is what happens behind the scenes. And, giving you all an insider scoop into Baskits is our favourite WOW to share. So, today we're continuing, our 'Why Baskits?', because we don't want you to simply choose us as your gifting experts, but rather we want to prove to you, in 3 simple points, why we are simply the best choice.

#1: What you see is what you get - whether you're browsing our website, have visited one of our showrooms, or have flipped the pages of our catalogs, the gifts you see, are exactly what your loved one will receive. From the contents inside, the way they are wrapped, and even the bow they are tied together with. 

#2: We have built a vast customer care team. Each new employee, immediately becoming a part of the Baskits family. Beyond just joining the family, these customer care reps all share the same unified goal: to be your gifting experts! 

#3: And, lastly, as we've been doing this for over 35 years, we have ensured to perfect that each and every Baskits gift gives your recipient a "WOW" factor.

And, really, with gifting those you care about the most, what more could you ask for? Each and every year, we use your customer feedback to help refine and refresh what we do. So here's to you all. Our growth is a tribute to your continued loyalty.

So, let us WOW you this Wednesday, and your recipients everyday!