Baskits Unwrapped: Canadian Breakfast

Baskits Unwrapped: Canadian Breakfast

2021 Jan 18th

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee, which is pretty much the same!

We’re celebrating 'National Coffee Day' by featuring our fantastic "Canadian Breakfast" gift, where you'll find a pre-ground pouch of the most delicious coffee by Hatch, a specialty coffee roaster based right out of Markham, ON. 

Hatch is a direct trade coffee roaster who believes in establishing close relationships with coffee growers and source directly from single origin farms. This allows the team at Hatch to observe and ensure best practices are being followed as well as put their coffee selections through an extensive process, from green coffee analysis, moisture content, sample roasting, flavor profiling and more.

Paired with this fantastic pouch of java, Canadian Breakfast also includes Me Mum's Traditional Pancake Mix and Slice of Canada's Grade "A" pure maple syrup to top off the perfect start to any morning.

You can find Hatch coffee in many of our gourmet gifts like Avenue and Coffee, Tea & Treats just to name a couple.

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