All things baby Cozy in Cable Knit

All things baby Cozy in Cable Knit

2022 Dec 14th

This Wednesday all of our WOWs are in the world of baby. And boy, is it a fast-growing world - literally! At Baskits, we've worked diligently to ensure that all of your boxes are checked when it comes time to gifting the little ones in your life.

We know that the number 1 rule of being a parent is to always have options on options, and even then, a back-up plan! Babywear is not exempt from this - rather it's actually the reason the rule exists. Whether your babies are the messiest eaters, aren't yet potty-trained, or just simply need several outfit changes, having several sweaters, hats and blankets ready for whatever situation, is necessary! Our 100% cotton cable knits are hypoallergenic and safe for baby's skin. Our CEO, Robin Kovitz and the team at Baskits designed our line of cable knit sets with the thought of baby's safety and comfort in mind.

Look no further than Baskits - with the click of a button, our cozy cable knit babywear could be shipped directly to friends, family or colleagues! With shipping available throughout North America, all the new mamas or soon-to-be mamas in your life, can have clothing options galore! From personalized cable knit blankets, to 100% cable knit sets in blues, greys and pinks, the little ones in your life can truly be dressed to the nines in Baskits fashion.

Here are our top baby gifts including our cozy cable knit sets:

Embroidered Cable Knit Blanket (Grey) (B120G22)

Embroidered Cable Knit Blankets - The perfect gift for welcoming a new arrival, this beautiful 100% cotton cable knit blanket is a thoughtful nursery must-have and perfect for keeping baby warm and snuggly at all times of the year. Available in ice grey, ice blue, and ice pink.

Pipsqueak Pink Gift Basket (B80222)

Pipsqueak- Featuring our 100% cotton cable knit sweater & hat set, this baby gift basket is the perfect gift to send your congratulations on the arrival of a new baby girl or boy. Available in 3 colours; pink, grey, and blue. Size up to 12 months.

Bundle of Joy Blue (B80722)

Bundle of Joy- Celebrate the newest little bundle’s arrival with a gift thoughtfully curated gift just for them! This adorable gift basket includes a beautiful 100% cotton cable knit blanket, sweater and hat set to keep baby cozy all year round. Available in 3 colours; pink, grey, and blue. Size up to 12 months.

Embroidered Bundle Gift Basket (B13722)

Embroidered Bundle - This beautiful embroidered gift box set includes everything new parents will need for baby’s first few months. Made with 100% cotton, the cable knit blanket, sweater and hat are perfect for keeping baby warm and snuggly. Makes for a beautiful keepsake gift!

We offer the best cable knit baby gifts, baby gifts and baby bundle gifts. We are your leading source for any cable knit baby gift baskets and gift boxes with delivery available across Canada and the USA. With our Jake and Jill babywear brand, you are gifting the utmost comfort, while still raising the bar for style.