3 Core Company Values that Lead to Service Excellence

3 Core Company Values that Lead to Service Excellence

2021 Feb 24th

At Baskits, our main focus is to ensure our customer experience exceeds expectations! When it comes to customer service, there are 3 core values that we trust in as a company. We believe these lead to the best experiences and service excellence.

1. Excellence, always. Each year, we work with top brands from Canada and around the world to create a new catalogue of trending products, making it easy for you to select the perfect gifts for any occasion. We ensure that our gifts are always shipped as shown and that the quality in every single stand-alone product is top shelf and tested at the highest standard. A key part of providing great customer service is ensuring that we are sending the very best gifts on your behalf.

2. Customer Focus. Our customers are always at the center and heart of everything we do. We understand that when choosing our service, you are trusting us with your reputation and thoughtful gestures - and that is a responsibility we take very seriously! Our services include a fantastic team of Gift Specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that our customer needs are always met quickly and with ease. There is always a “real person” waiting and ready to assist either by phone or email. One of the most important part of our customer experience is ensuring that our customers feel valued.

Integrity & Respect.  When it comes to our business, we believe that the integrity of our word and the respect we keep for our customers goes the longest way. One of the most important building blocks of creating an army of loyal customers is earning their trust, even through the rare occurrence of service issues. Following through, providing the elite level of care we promise in every interaction and treating our customer base with undeniable respect are how we as a team achieve service excellence.

Know that when you choose Baskits, you are choosing a team of dedicated individuals who share a common goal; to make your gifting experience easy, positive, high-quality and to leave you confident that you have put your trust in the very best!