Slice of Canada - Loonie x12


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What better gift than a giant Canadian Loonie! Made of pure milk chocolate and in the likeness of the Canadian $1 coin in the year of 1987, which was when it was introduced to Canadian currency. This popularly known Loonie, is a vibrant chocolate coin that measures an enormous 5 inches and is a fantastic take away for business trips, travel souvenirs and gifts when adventuring abroad or for visitors returning home. Also makes a great stocking stuffer!

Perfect for any gift shop or tourist focused retail location, this product arrives as a set of 12 units in a brand identifiable SLICE of CANADA, retail-ready display box. You just open them up and place them on the shelf. It's as easy as that! For retailers looking to inquire about wholesale pricing, please contact

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  • 12x Slice of Canada Giant Chocolate Loonie

  • SKU - Lx12
  • Box Dimensions - 9x9x12 in
  • Weight - 4 lb

  • Galerie au Chocolat