Corporate Employee Gifting

Corporate Employee Gifting

2024 Feb 13th

As we enter a New Year, it's time to start thinking about corporate gifting programs for 2024. More and more companies realize the importance of having a corporate gifting program that reflects their brand and send appreciation and gratitude to employees, clients and prospects. Celebrate important occasions such as Employee Appreciation Day, International Women's Day or acknowledge corporate milestones with thoughtful gift baskets.

Motivate and inspire your team through corporate gifting. Your most valuable asset is your employees, so treat them well with a thoughtful and heartfelt corporate gift. Send unique gifts to employees on special occasions like birthdays and business anniversaries, or after they've done a great job completing a project. Some of the benefits of employee gifting, as showcased in an article on Indeed: Creating a positive work environment, enhancing productivity, and establishing relationships. Showing appreciation is recognizing someone’s good qualities and thanking your employees is a great way to boost morale within the company.

What is Employee Gifting?

Employee gifts are presents given to employees of an organization. These gifts may be between coworkers or from the boss to employees and vice versa. Generally, people give these gifts to observe holidays, show general appreciation, celebrate first or last days, or as a token of thanks. Gifts help facilitate friendlier relationships between employers and workers.

Why is Employee Corporate Gifting so Important and why you should get started?

Employee Gifting is an important strategy for any company. Corporate gifting can help motivate and inspire your team and let them know you appreciate them. Your employees are your most valuable asset, so going the extra mile with a thoughtful and heartfelt corporate gift can go a long way. Send unique gifts to new employees to make them feel more welcome and it can help relax the first day on the job nerves! A great way to show new employees they are welcome and valued to the team is with a gift basket or gift box.

According to gifting trends:

  1. Most popular business gift-giving occasions are: 51% holiday, 34% customer appreciation, 27% employee recruiting, appreciation, or milestone.
  2. Research has shown that "Twice as many employees found gift boxes or baskets memorable compared to a charitable donation or a gift card".
  3. And adding personalization was the leading component of success in a gifting strategy.

Nonetheless, out of all promotional campaigns, these corporate gifts and company swag have the highest top-of-the-mind brand recall rate—85%.

In fact, almost 8 out of 10 respondents said they would want to receive more promotional goods and corporate gifts.

A recent survey on corporate gifting found that 48% of businesses claimed the practice had a significant positive impact, including increased employee retention, greater customer loyalty, and a sense of value for the employees. According to 57% of employees , getting gifts in the mail makes them feel even more valued. Eighty percent of consumers said they would definitely do business with a company if they were to receive a customized gift basket or gift box.

Custom Branding for Employee Gifts

Celebrate important milestones with branded gifts! Choose a gift from our Ready to Ship collection and add a personal touch with branded ribbon or cards with your company logo. Showing your employees how much you value them with custom employee gifts have a real impact on their views towards the company.

Our Semi-custom options are a great way to add customization on your Employee Gifts with shorter lead times. Choose any gift from our Ready to Ship Collection and brand it with options like customized logo ribbon, logo belly band, logo branded cards or other additional items that perfectly reflect your brand. Our corporate gift specialists can advise you on the best gift options and help manage the entire process making it easy and stress-free.

Fully Custom Employee Gifts

Elevate your corporate gifting program and make a statement by choosing a fully customized gift that focuses on your brand. At Baskits, our mission is to provide you with the best gifting options while making it an easy and stress-free process. We are corporate gifting experts trusted by many companies across Canada and the US to create and deliver gifting options that strengthen and build your employee and client relationships. Our fully custom design options are available for orders over $5,000 and requires 5+ weeks to complete. INQUIRE NOW

With over 35 years of experience, our expertise in large order fulfillment and our commitment to exceptional hand curated gifts delivered with unparalleled customer service, trust our corporate gifts expert to deliver a memorable gifting experience, for you and your employees.

Successful Projects!

                                              Fully custom employee gift

Recently, Baskits had the privilege of creating a very special send out for UHN. We worked with the UNH team to create and send out 17,000 custom thank you boxes for their healthcare workers as a small token of thanks for the dedication and hard work they provide every day. Our send out included a beautifully printed box with "thank you" written in different languages and the gift included a delicious box of cookies and branded fanny pack. Baskits was able to deliver all 17,000 units seamlessly and truly enjoyed being apart of such a wonderful initiative.

Baskits offers a one-on-one consultation with an account specialist to help you create a employee appreciation gift program that perfectly represents your brand and the relationships you share with your employees. When you come to us for business gifts we'll give you expert advice based on data and experience. Let us help put together a program that represents your brand and shows your employees how much they are appreciated. Let us help you create a custom solution for your corporate gifting needs. Connect with us to get started on your employee appreciation gifts today.