Long Weekend Goodies

Long Weekend Goodies

2019 May 17th

Cottage season is fast approaching and we’re so excited for the long weekend! Whether you’re a guest looking for thank you gifts when invited for a fun weekend away hosted by friends or family, or a cottage owner wanting to add a an extra special touch to the experience of your own guests, we have the perfect gift baskets to take with you.

Long weekend cottage getaways are sure to be packed with fun and excitement; but sometimes, you miss the comforts of home. Our Home at Last gift basket allows you to bring some of the sweeter things from home with you. Filled with delicious “comfort” foods, this heart warming assortment in includes everything from decadent chocolates to sweet and salty popcorn and exquisite Muskoka-brewed coffee – the quintessential gift for making the cottage a home away from home.

Muskoka, is one our favourites and the ideal “thank you” gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. This rustic basket features Muskoka Roastery Coffee, Mary Macleod’s shortbread cookies, Caramel S’mores Mix, a keepsake mug and more. Muskoka can be a heartfelt display of your gratitude to thank your host for welcoming you into their home or a fun and flavorful way to welcome guests into your space.

Visit our “Gourmet Food” selection for more choices to bring a little bit of home to the outdoors.