An Ode to Britain on Victoria Day

An Ode to Britain on Victoria Day

2019 May 16th

This Victoria Day weekend we are celebrating our Canadian heritage. Our special feature basket, the Mount Royal, is in honour of our strong and elegant, Queen Victoria. This luxurious gift basket has been curated by our team to display only the most decadent treats from the most upscale brands, one gift being Charbonnel & Walker’s Milk Sea Salt Billionaires Shortbread Truffles. Charbonnel & Walker was one of the first chocolatiers in Britain; not only do some of their most prestigious customers include Princess Diana and Princess Margaret, Charbonnel & Walker is also one of the few chocolatiers to Her Majesty, The Queen.

While Charbonnel & Walker’s identifiable British flag box is certainly suitable for the occasion, the countless other stand-alone gifts are fit for royalty as well! Indulge in SeaChange’s Lobster Pate, Moet & Chandon Champagne, Truffle Honey and many more gourmet treats; all gifted in a beautiful acrylic box to be used for just about anything!

For more gourmet gift baskets fit for royalty, we invite you to search our online site.

From our team at Baskits we wish you a safe and fun long weekend!