Why Gift Faux Flowers? - Long Lasting Gifts

Why Gift Faux Flowers? - Long Lasting Gifts

2022 Aug 8th

These are not your grandmother's faux flowers or anything like the cheap dollar store ones. These faux flowers are so life-like, they even feel real to the touch. The best part is that they will always look fresh. Here are our top reasons to gift faux flowers:

Ever-lasting: Why worry about plant-watering, or replacing bouquets weekly, when you can have stunning, timeless arrangements in perfect bloom. Fresh flowers require special care and can decay in a matter of days – the beauty of faux flowers is that they will last forever and can be displayed beautifully all year round.

Allergen-Friendly: Avoid watery eyes and runny noses from fresh flowers and give the gift of faux flowers instead! Our beautiful collection of faux flowers is allergen-friendly and can be gifted to anyone – even if they can’t be around fresh flowers.

Low Maintenance – Gift ever-lasting faux flowers where no maintenance is required! With our faux flowers, you can display them anywhere without needing to worry about watering, adding soil, or putting them in sunlight – they will forever be in bloom!

Why would you send a gift that will only last for a few days when you can send something just as beautiful that will last forever?! Our faux-ever faux flowers are the perfect accent piece for any home, credenza, or office space. We are your leading source for any Faux Flowers sure to be appreciated longer than fresh flowers.

Here are some of our favourite Faux Flowers

Rosa (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31021)

Rosa: A striking Tamora rose in dual stages of bloom and the true essence of all things strong, bold and beautiful.

Cheryl (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S32321)

Cheryl: A stunning arrangement of Hydrangea’s styled in a breathtaking goblet vase.

Marilyn (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31621)

Marilyn: This long-stemmed bouquet of large Tamora roses will steal the spotlight in any room