We're still raving about Cacao70!

We're still raving about Cacao70!

2019 Jan 7th

As said by Cacao70 themselves, "Chocolate has the power to take you places!" That's just what the warm, rich flavours of Americocoa Chocolate and Cocoa Powder does; it will take you to a place of pure happiness. Whether that be to a childhood memory, or to a cozy place of bliss, there is truly nothing more decadent than their drinking chocolate.

Cacao70 quickly grew into a lavish supplier of some of the most beautiful and decadent chocolates on the market. From bars to powders, the best days ever include one of their delicious treats.

Find Cacao70’s “Americocoa” Drinking Chocolate in our Mount Royal gift box alongside their “Lights Out” dark chocolate and many other great brands.

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