Vincent's Cookies; for the love of Gingersnaps!

Vincent's Cookies; for the love of Gingersnaps!

2019 Feb 13th

Baskits is all about supporting fantastic small companies and we have a new found love for Vincent's Cookies!

Vincent's creates the most delicious traditional Swedish gingersnap cookies, also knows as "Pepparkaka." Thin, crispy and bursting with the perfect cinnamon, ginger and clove flavours, these treats are made using an old family recipe which we're sure they won't be sharing any time soon!

We have recently introduced Vincent's into our Valentine's Day collection and feature their adorable "I love you" premium gingersnaps in our Sweet, Sweet Love gift basket alongside many other decadent and mouthwatering treats.

Stay on the lookout for more great gifts featuring Vincent's, a very heartwarming and traditional treat.