Very Vegan January

Very Vegan January

2022 Jan 18th

This week we're putting a spin on our Tuesday Treats. Introducing: Veganuary.

A twist on what is known to be an otherwise, mundane month, January has, since 2014, become a month-long challenge to inspire and promote veganism. In 2020 alone, there were over 400,000 participants who took part in the Veganuary challenge.

For those not familiar with veganism, being vegan is not just a set of dietary restrictions - in which people avoid eating animal products - but also a way of life that helps create and sustain a healthier planet. Did you know that eliminating meat and dairy from your diet can reduce our carbon foot print from food by nearly three-quarters!

Whether your choice to be vegan is for dietary, environmental and/or ethical reasons, we here at Baskits wanted to create a vegan gift basket to be enjoyed by all.

Our VEGAN gift basket is 100% vegan, and comprised of products that are both environmentally-conscious and Canadian! It also includes products that are gluten-free, to ensure that everyone's (dietary) needs are met. Packed with yummy and delicious treats, Baskits has made it fun and easy to be vegan.

So, whether you know someone who just joined the challenge, or a vegan lifer, we've got the perfect gift to have all your berries in one bowl.