Tuesday Treat in Podcast Form

Tuesday Treat in Podcast Form

2022 Feb 8th

Although our Tuesday Treats usually focus on the delectable goods inside our gift baskets, today, we've decided to highlight something extra special. So, here is our Tuesday Treat on our CEO, Robin!

What is an entrepreneur, you might ask? The dictionary defines it as "a person who organizes and operates a business" and well, leave it to us, to tell you that our President & CEO, Robin, does that and much, much more. And, she discusses the world of entrepreneurship and everything it incapsulates, in her recent podcast with Ilan Jacobson, A Dealmaker's DNA, episode 48.

In this podcast, Ilan and Robin - who are both pursuing the life of entrepreneurship - further explore their stories of hurdles, failures, growth, and most excitedly, achieved success. In this podcast, Robin not only shares her story, but also delves into the unique experiences she has faced while running Baskits, #1 purveyors of fine gifts.

Being proactive is essential in business, because you never know what'll come your way, or from every direction, all at once. Having these conversations are key because not only do they share a breadth of knowledge for those starting their careers, and those entering the world of entrepreneurship, but, they also serve as a great foundation for those listening in with big dreams and even bigger futures ahead.

In Robin's episode, you’ll hear a variety of topics discussed, but what really stood out, and what resonates with our brand, is her discussion surrounding passion and the value of kindness in business. Acts of kindness go a long way - and so does gifting! So, tune in to listen to the episode discussing all things entrepreneurship, the value of a higher-education, gift-giving, and of course, Baskits, in A Dealmaker's DNA. An episode you don't want to miss!