Top  5 Best Outdoor Summer Treats

Top 5 Best Outdoor Summer Treats

2022 Aug 2nd

Enjoying the outdoors calls for the tastiest treats! Baskits has curated brands that carry the tastiest treats – from sweet to savoury – we have it all! Here are our top 5 favourite snacks and treats to enjoy in the summer!

Dabble & Drizzle Chocolate Covered Biscuits – Enjoy our light, chocolatey biscuits with tea, iced coffee, or on their own! They are sure to satisfy your chocolate craving and are a great treat to enjoy.

Dabble & Drizzle Chocolate Covered Biscuits Gift Basket (080.00.1013)

Dabble & Drizzle Caffe Latte Almonds – Indulge in our delicious caffe latte almonds that are the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee. Get the caffeine boost you need when you are having a long day outside with Dabble & Drizzle Caffe Latte Almonds.

Dabble & Drizzle Caffe Latte Almonds (120g) Gift Basket (LAM-120g-CAFFE LATTE)

Crackle & Pop Kettle Chips – Dive in to our gourmet Crackle and Pop Sea Salt chips! They are crunchy with the perfect amount of salt that will satisfy your salty craving. Also try our Buffalo BBQ chips or our Thai Chili chips

Crackle & Pop Sea Salt Chips (150g) Gift Basket (SSC150G)

Crackle & Pop Chicago Mix Popcorn - An insanely delicious mix of cheddar and creamy caramel flavours all in one bag; another sweet and salty snack that is the best of both worlds. Also enjoy our gourmet sweet and salty popcorn!

Crackle & Pop Chicago Mix Popcorn (150g) Gift Basket (CMP150G)

Mimi & Liloo Berry Berry Tea – Sip on a refreshing glass of our Mimi & Liloo Berry Berry Tea – fresh and luscious berry blend with elderberry, currant and hibiscus petals. Enjoy it iced on a nice hot summer day to keep you refreshed and cool.

Mimi and Liloo Berry Berry Tea Gift Basket (WS18)

You can find all these treats and more on! Shop in the “Brands by Baskits” category to find the best treats and snacks for the summer!