Tips to sending the Best. Gifts. Ever.

Tips to sending the Best. Gifts. Ever.

2019 Nov 12th

This holiday season we want to make sure that you're sending the very best gifts. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensuring you check everyone off your list with gifts that wow, so that you can get back to enjoying the festivities of the season. 

Tip 1 -  Visit

The most important tip of all is visiting our website which houses our entire collection of incredible gifts for any occasion. From holiday specific gift baskets, to kosher basket options, gifts for herhim or children, we have something for everyone.

Tip 2 - Connect with our team of gift specialist!

If you're having a hard time deciding between all of our fantastic gifts and aren't quite sure what the very best options might be for specific recipients on your list, we have a team of experts that are readily available to assist you with your every need. You call call us directly at 416-755-1100 or send us an email at

Tip 3 - Add to Cart!

Go ahead and add that fantastic gift basket to your cart! In just a few quick and easy steps the perfect holiday gifts will be scheduled to ship according to when you'd like them to arrive. Your recipients will be in aw when they open up their beautiful gifts and will be so appreciative that you've gone above and beyond to send them the best gifts ever.